On Being Reviewed

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The wonderful thing, the best thing about being published is also the absolute worst thing. People will read what you write, and if you’re lucky they will have things to say about it.

Overland Literary Journal kindly invited me to write something about what it’s like to be reviewed, and whether it’s possible to learn anything about craft from reviews. My essay appears in the Summer issue and it’s online now too here.


  1. Grateful says:

    Thank you for this. Honestly inspiring. None of the after-school-specialness to the honest truths. Thank you for being so open about this part of writing. Terrifying. Relieving. I don’t feel any better having this need to write down the stories that live in my head … But if a pilot, I prefer to see the trees ahead than to imagine them, or have non-pilots tell you that they aren’t there.

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