Kirsten Tranter
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  • January16th

    I’ve been a fan of Dear Sugar at The Rumpus for years. Recently I got to meet Cheryl Strayed and amazingly managed not to bug her for advice about my life, or turn it into that scene from Notting Hill where Hugh Grant’s sister throws herself at Julia Roberts saying “I’ve always thought we could be best friends!”. We talked about shoes and art and writing and the power of the ordinary, and her amazing new Hollywood life. Interview out today in The Good Weekend magazine.

  • December2nd

    “The wonderful thing, the best thing about being published is also the absolute worst thing. People will read what you write, and if you’re lucky they will have things to say about it.” Overland Literary Journal kindly invited me to write something about what it’s like to be reviewed, and whether it’s possible to learn anything about craft from reviews. My essay appears in the Summer issue and it’s online now too here.

  • October22nd

    I’m delighted to be judging the new joanne burns award for Spineless Wonders, a tiny press doing great things with microlit and short fiction. The competition is open now and closes December 21. 200 words of micro fiction or prose poetry on the theme of “Out of Place,” interpreted as fast and loosely as you like. Open to Australian authors. Chance for publication in the accompanying volume, which I’m editing in conjunction with Linda Godfrey. Details here.

  • September24th

    Thrilled that my story “Pet Name” will appear in the forthcoming Best Australian Stories from Black Inc, edited by one of the writers I most admire, Amanda Lohrey. And in great company with many other favourite authors too.

  • September22nd

    Delighted to be featured in Flashing the Square, a project from Spineless Wonders and the Melbourne Writers Festival: audio recordings of some of the short short microfictions and prose poems in the collection can be found here, including my “Turing Test Study Guide.” And the collection is in stores now.

  • April23rd