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The insanely huge and enthralling program for the Sydney Writers’ Festival is now online. While not worshipping at the altar of Jeanette Winterson, one of the featured authors, I’ll be taking part in several events and also running a writing workshop focusing on rules for writers: do we need them? What should we do with them? how can they be broken creatively and with purpose?  In panel discussions I’ll be talking about writing the dreaded second novel, writing about men, and A Common Loss. Also looking forward to the Big Reading on Friday May 18th, and the Sydney Morning Herald Young Novelist Award event on Sunday May 20th: I was thrilled to be one of the judges this year, and the winners are really outstanding. And there’s the Hoopla Literary Lunch celebrating The Stella Prize on Friday May 18th, overloaded with glamour and brilliance from Tara Moss, Di Morrisey, Anita Heiss, Anne Summers, Anna Krien and others.

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